About Bull Traders Training Academy

At Bull Traders Training Academy, we aspire to train our participants to be informed, responsible and skilful investors, providing affordable and practical approaches to investing and trading.


Our Mission and Vision

  • Providing affordable and practical easy to follow approaches to share investing
    and trading for retail investors of diverse risk profile and capital for investment.

  • We aspire to train our participants to be informed, responsible and skillful
    investors with sound understanding of the market operations and regulatory
    compliance guidelines.

    Stock Trading is not Gambling! We can apply Technical Analysis tools to improve our Winning chance.

Meet the Founder

Mr. Tan Chee Siong

CS Tan was with Public Bank Group for 10 years before he joined the stockbroking industry in 1993.

Assuming various senior management positions in stockbroking companies as director, head of dealing and CEOs, aggressively driving the online trading business.

CS is the founder of Bull Traders Training Academy after his retirement.

Authored 3 books, titled” Ride The Bull Short The Bear”; “How To Developed A Winning Trading Strategy” and “The Handbook for Day Trader and Swing Trader”.

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Creator of the BTS Indicator

In 2022, Mr. CS Tan developed a proprietary trading indicator named “BTS Indicator” 牛势交易指标. It can be found in the Pickastock

System‘s technical chart with ‘live’ screener function. BTS indicator is easy to use and can facilitate making faster decision on entry and exit of a short term position.

Why I Created Bull Traders

Main objective for setting up this training center is to provide affordable training to those interested to learn about share trading and investment. There is no short cut to do well in share trading and investment. We aspire to train more informed traders and investors through sharing our experiences.


Meet CS Tan - Pioneering the Way in Stock Trading

A Visionary in Stock Trading

Mr. Tan Chee Siong, widely known as CS Tan, boasts a remarkable career that spans over three decades. His journey began in 1984 when he graduated from the University of Malaya. After a decade of invaluable experience within the Public Bank Group, he took the leap into the stockbroking industry in 1993. It was during this pivotal move that he started making a profound impact.

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