Every Stock Trading Strategy Start With Fundamential Analysis

Providing affordable and practical easy to follow step by step winning edge approaches to share investing and trading. The investing and trading approach is suitable for investors with diverse risk profile and capital for investment.

We aspire to train our participants to be informed, responsible and skillful investors with sound understanding of the market operations and regulatory compliance guidelines.

CS Tan - Founder of Bull Traders Academy

Our Aim

To provide you with the complete skillset to improve your chances to achieve
extraordinary returns.

Introducing Cost Effective And
Practical BT Trading Strategy

Practical Share Trading & Investment Training courses

We provide a practical easy to follow learning methodology with the combination of essential understanding of the stock market operations and the Bull Traders’ Winning Edge Strategies (FA & TA) for different investment amount and different time horizon of investment objectives to enhance the potential to make extra- ordinary returns from the stock market. TA shows us how fast the stock can go. Whereas, FA tells us how far the share price could be going. So don’t choose only one approach when you can apply both in your stock investment and trading endeavour.

BTS 101
Fundamental Analysis

Suitable For 

  • Longer term investors where fundamentals play a more important emphasis than timing factor.
  • Beginner or someone who is new to the market. Always start investing stock with strong Fundamentals so that you have time for price discovery in the long term.
  • Investors who are looking for growing companies.
  • Investors who are looking for mature companies with stable earnings and/ or growth.
  • Investors who look for dividend returns.
  • Risk adverse investors.
  • Investors with holding power and having extra savings that are not needed in the short-term.

BTS 102
Technical Analysis

Suitable For :

  • Mainly Shorter-term investors or even day traders.
  • Beginners who want to learn more about technical charting tools and its application for stock trading.
  • Those who wish to learn more about commonly used technical analysis tools which can be very effective in predicting the stock price trend and price reversal patterns.

BTS 109
BT Strategy for 1 day Express

Suitable For :

  • Those traders/ Investors with some basic fundamental & Technical Knowledge.
  • Those with some trading experience in the stock market.
  • Those who understand about FA and TA but still cannot make money from the market.
  • Those who want to know the good timing to buy and to sell.
  • Those who want to learn a systematic approach on trading and investment.

BTS 111
How to Trade Like a Winner?

One Day Fast Track Technical Trading Workshop :

  • Beginners who are eager to learn a Systematic Approach for both Long-term and Short-term Investment purposes.
  • Those who want to learn more about using technical tools to trade based on stock cycle, candlestick pattern and trend.
  • Those who expect greater returns through application of a combination of short-term technical trading guides for entry and exit.

We teach investors the effective ways to utilize free tools provided by the stockbrokers’ online trading platform.

We provide in depth and detailed explanation on how to use the information from the stock broker’s online trading platform more effectively without having to subscribe to any others chargeable system.

Bull Traders Training Academy emphasizes in adopting a consistent practical approach in applying both the fundamental and technical analyiss tools to profit from the market volatiliy

Beginner LEvel


RM 30.00

Advance Level


RM 150.00

Discretionary Trading Services

We are working with licensed dealer’s Representatives who are savvy and experienced in managing equity portfolio for those who want to make money from stock market but do not have the time or knowledge to do it.

Helping remisiers and marketing representatives building a sustainable and growing business.

With the founder’s more than 25 years of experience in the stockbroking industry, we have the experience and knowledge to help those aspiring fresh graduates or young people with the passion and interest in stock investment who wish to be a successful remisier as their career and those who have been in the business as remisiers but somehow have not been very successful in building a sustainable clientele base.

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