BTS 109
BT Strategy for one day express Momentum Fundamental (Funtech)

*Prerequisite: with BTS101 and BTS102 knowledge
Please take note this is an advance course which required the basic understanding of FA & TA, (which we cover in BTS101 & BTS102 courses) and focus more on developing a Winning Edge Trading Strategy in share trading and investment.

Suitable for:

  • Those traders/ Investors with some basic fundamental & Technical Knowledge.
  • Those with some trading experience in the stock market.
  • Those who understand about FA and TA but still cannot make money from the market.
  • Those who want to know the good timing to buy and to sell.
  • Those who want to learn a systematic approach in trading and investment.

Key Takeaway:

  • Understand a complete hands-on approach to trade shares effectively.
  • Learn to be more disciplined in managing one’s investment portfolio.
  • Able to identify the suitable stocks to buy according to the individual’s investment goal, risk profile and holding power.
  • To improve in trade execution and timing of entry.
  • Learn to “sell” more effectively.
  • Know how to make full use of free brokers’ online trading system to come out with own stock screening system.

Course Structure:

Morning Session:-

  • Understanding the yearly (CAGR), weekly and monthly compounding effect on 3% and 6% returns.
  • Understanding the operations of Rule 72.
  • Is buy and hold a good strategy for investment?
  • Understand the 4 Stock Cycles.
  • Key Characteristics of the 4 stock cycles
  • Six main categories of stocks.
  • What is Momentum Fundamental Investing (Fundtech)?
  • Developing a Systematic Winning Edge Trading strategy.

Afternoon Session:-

  • What to buy?
  • When to buy?
  • Understand the profitable Entry Criteria.
  • How to Buy?
  • Million Ringgit Question: When to Sell?
  • Understand the importance of good Selling Criteria.
  • Set up sample technical template to monitor stocks on daily basis.
  • Learn how to download market data after day end for conducting self-screening of potential bullish momentum stocks for tomorrow.

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